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Three Iron Rings Chastity Belt Panties

Three Iron Rings Chastity Belt Panties are one of the greatest SM gifts for your sweetheart or attractive figure. Bring a sense of wonder and imagination to your roleplaying and cosplaying with your companion.


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Bring your fantasy aive with the new Three iron Rings Chasity Belt panties, its the perfect partner for roleplay and cosplay. The Bondage panty is made good quality leather and promises a skin friendly experince.

The belt comes with three iron rings to the belt toghter and also to make sure ample amount of skin is being shown. Such as to add spice to the already sensual high mood both of you are in. The Chastity belt have a adjustable waist with hooks, such that it can be worn by every size.

It is a great start up pack, when you are taking up the road for BDSM, Domination and Submission. To put more fire in to your life.


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