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Pretty Love : Valerie | Strap On Dual Vibrator

Pretty Love Valarie is a Strap On with Dual Vibrator, Its is a design that allows get intimate with a girl to girl section or giving an amazing pegging to  man. The toy is wireless that helps you to play harness-free, in addition to  pleasing your partner.


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For a more seamless experience, the Pretty Love Vibrating Strapless Strap-On allows you to play without a harness. It is certain to delight you both, whether you are looking for a personal girl-on-girl thrill or presenting your boyfriend to a vigorous pegging session. Each encounter will be enhanced by a variety of intense, throbbing vibrations by the 12 speed functions. This toy is great for both heterosexual and lesbian couples since it stimulates both of you at the same time.


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