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Pretty Love : Ozzy | Men’s Mastrubator

Looking for a premium mastrubator Pretty Love : Ozzy | Men’s Mastrubator is a automatic mastrubator. With the three-function thruster, you can surely free ecstasy never experienced. Pretty mastrubator like every other product is made up of silicone that is non-toxic and doesn’t have any odor.


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Slip inside the vagina and delve into Realistic Flesh with a seductive, realistic entrance. The ultra-soft tunnel is loaded with ridges and bumps to tease, thrill, and delight, and is designed to produce the smoothest, slickest strokes. Adjust the degree of pushing as the snug-fitting chamber holds your cock for personalized enjoyment.

Pretty Love : Ozzy | Men’s Mastrubator comes with three thrusting functions and a memory function to remember your best setting. And its pretty easy to clean as you easily remove the inner liner and wash it.


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Pretty Love : Ozzy | Men’s Mastrubator 11,999.00

Out of stock