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Pretty Love : Bretton | Rotating Men’s Mastrubator

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Fill the highly strong Rotating Men’s Mastrubator tight hole with your cock and let it do the rest. While stroking up and down your cock, the inside chamber spins hundreds of soft TPR nubs. For an extreme feeling overload, it has four speeds of rotation and four functions of up and down movement. You won’t regret having this kid among your sex toys if you give it a try.


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Pretty Love : Bretton | Rotating Men’s Mastrubator is designed to give the stimulation of a real vagina maybe a bit more. That is the 4 rotating functions along with the thrusting function, the sex toy makes it the first time you are stimulated in such a way. The Pretty Love : Bretton | Rotating Men’s Mastrubator is made up of  TPR ABS which is skin-friendly and it has 2 buttons one is the power button and the other is the controller for the rotator.

The Premium product is USB rechargeable, and always try  to use water based lubricants. Such that its easy to clean after use.

5 reviews for Pretty Love : Bretton | Rotating Men’s Mastrubator

  1. A

    Arjun Reddy

    I had new experience that is correct but the cost is too much. The cost must be reduced, if the cost was around 5000 this will be the best product in the whole world.

  2. A

    Ajith Antu

    I don’t even think even a real one can give you such an immense amount of pleasure. The rotation with vibration blew my mind.

  3. R


    Ichaya sadhanam poli anu ketta. Pakshe pocket onn nice ayitt kiri. Annalum saram ila had the best time of my life.

  4. J

    Jake Jr

    Is it worth my money ??
    well, I am not sure about that.

    But can it give pleasure?
    Best Orgasm In My Life.

  5. R

    Rajendhar Singh

    I have been making love for the last 3 yrs, and have tried different position and had different partners. Have experienced the peak of sexual pleasure. But putting all this in to consideration, this sex toy showed me you can have pleasure more than a vagina could offer. The mechanism of this rotating toy hit some pleasure nerve I never even knew was there. Worth all the money.

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Rotating Men's Mastrubator
Pretty Love : Bretton | Rotating Men’s Mastrubator 10,499.00

Out of stock