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Pretty Love : Abraham | Rotating Vibrator

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The  Abraham Vibrator comes with a rotating motion vibrator, allowing to touch all the vagina walls that have never been touched before. The combination of rotation with vibration gives you most eccentric feel.


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The pretty love Abraham is a specially designed vibrator to target those pleasure spots in a way that never have been. The curvature design when comes together with the rotating action of the vibrator helps you to orgasm and pleasure like never before. The pretty love rotating vibrator comes with 12 vibration speeds and  4 rotation functions. In addition, it has a memory function that remembers all your best setting.

1 review for Pretty Love : Abraham | Rotating Vibrator

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    Had one of the best orgasm ever !!!

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Pretty love abraham vibrator for womens
Pretty Love : Abraham | Rotating Vibrator 6,699.00

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