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Pretty Love : Aaron | Rotating Vibrator

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Pretty Love Aaron is a rotating vibrator with 12 vibrating functions and 4 rotating function that comes together to give you the most exquisite feeling. The highlight of the product is that the premium silicone material makes the experience royal, and the rotation kicks in with vibrations providing pleasures you have never experienced.


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The Rotating vibrator is specially designed in order to tap into the pleasure spot you have never been to. With a spiral design encasing its body, this bullet will glide over your skin leaving tantalizing ripples of sensation behind. The vibrator is a mix of 12 vibrating functions and 4 rotating speeds. The combination of purplish and black magic wand activates the region of your vaginal walls that never have been touched in such a way before.

1 review for Pretty Love : Aaron | Rotating Vibrator

  1. P

    Payal Mall

    I love this!!!!! Very quiet, can use in the shower with someone outside the door and they will never know. Hit the spot just right! Good thing I ran out of hot water or I would still be in the shower!

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Pretty Love Aaron Vibrator side view
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