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P-spot Massager Butt Plug

Well you have heard about G-spot and how to stimulate them to have a immense orgasm. Well not only the Vagina but other parts also craves for attention, P-spot is situated in anus. And when stimulated you can have one of the best orgasm ever, In addition to that  it massages your prostate. P-spot Massager Butt Plug is made up of best grade silicone, its safe, odor-less and skin friendly.


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Ever wondered how to have an ass-gasm, well the P-spot Massager Butt Plug is the best sex toy on the market to manually massage your prostate gland. The special design of the sex toy allows you to hit the p-spot, along with that it stimulates the inside of the rectum.

The design also allows for your partner to stimulate your anus, rather than the ordinary butt plug you can use the full hand power. Such that it provides a special grip, allowing you to thrust epically.


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