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Metal Stunning Male Chastity Device

Metal Stunning Male Chastity Device comes with 2.5 Inch width, to  perfectly tighten your penis. This cock cage is a  perfect teasing device with easy to wear lock  and pin to restrict  masturbation and penetration. Simply place your soft and feeble penis in the appropriate chastity cage, lock it, and pass the key over to the key holder, and you’re set for a lifetime of excruciating, denial-filled enjoyment!


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Metal Stunning Male Chastity Device wraps around the shaft and head of the penis and is secured with a testicle ring or a waist belt. Any sort of erection becomes painful or impossible after the chastity device is locked, restricting masturbation and penetration. It’s the perfect sex toy to show the exchange of dominance.

The material is lightweight and is made up of stainless steel, which ensures the safety and strength of the adult toy. The stainless material also allows for easy cleaning and disinfection, through methods such as boiling. It may also be used to assist the user to regulate his pulsations and cravings, which can help him avoid addictions like masturbation or sex.


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Metal Stunning Male Chastity Device 3,699.00

Out of stock