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Max-Man 1 Inch Penis Extender sleeve

Max-Man product is a one-stop destination for everyone who lacks courage due to a small penis, well increase your penis length and girth. Max-Man 1 Inch Penis Extender sleeve will add 1 inch effectively to your penis, with a real-life texture and feel. The Max-Man 1 Inch Penis Extender sleeve also helps in delaying your ejaculation, making you last more in bed.


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Max-Man 1 Inch Penis Extender sleeve extends your penis by 1 inch also increasing its girth. The extender not only extends the penis but also ejaculation time, always keep in mind to bring in a lot of lube. And to clean before and after usage of the sex toy. The silicone material makes it skin-friendly, safe, has no smell, and is so soft such as feeling your skin.

These sex toys can greatly boost your courage in bed and giving you the ability to thrust your partner longer and deeper than ever before.


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