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Glowing Sexy Women Lingerie


Looking for something kinky and special to wear for that special night, is the product you were searching for. In the light, it’s like any bikini that makes you a sexy babydoll, but the fun starts when the room gets dark.  As soon as the light goes off you start to glow making you the goddess in the dark.



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Glowing Sexy Women Lingerie is a product that can make your night special and kinky. Glows in Dark’s beautiful lace lingerie bra panty set for ladies is ideal for your bedroom. This seductive and sensual bikini suit will make you fall in love with yourself as well as your lover.

It will glow in the dark after a few minutes of exposure to light, or if that is not feasible, you may charge it using the flash light on your phone. Washing Instructions: Soak for 2-3 seconds in soapy water and then dry. (Avoid squeezing)


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