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Curved Butt Plug

Looking for a unique butt plug, the Curved Butt Plug is thin, curved silicone base fits easily between your butt cheeks, which means that you can change positions, engage in marathon sex sessions, or even walk to the supermarket confident in the knowledge that the Bootie Butt Plug is staying right where it’s supposed to.


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The highlight of anal toys is that they are unisex, that is they are ideal sex toys for couples, sex toys for women, and sex toys for men. The Curved Butt Plug have a tapered tip that allows easy penetration. Its the perfect sex toy for a beginner.

Its curved design pleasantly massages the prostate in males and provides a nice sense of fullness in women – even during sex. It may be worn discreetly and safely beneath garments in everyday life, due to the support for that unique kick.


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