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Black And Pink Handcuffs

These superior leather cuffs are built of robust materials for veteran-worthy play without adding to the set-up time.They’re adaptable and dependable, and they just become better with age!

These handcuffs are suitable for binding wrists (and maybe even smaller ankles) and should fit both men and women because they adjust freely in circumference.


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Black And Pink Handcuffs are something you should buy if you are planning to make a kinky night. The sex toy is used to bind your partner, such that you can exchange dominance and submission to each other, adding to the spark of the cosplay.

These cuffs, like all leather items, will soften with time and, with appropriate care, should last a lifetime. A must-have for any child’s toy box! Wrap wrists around bedposts, banisters, or anyplace else you wish to keep hands out of danger behind your sub’s back.

Play is safe and adaptable thanks to a quick-release function, D-rings, and a chain connector.


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