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6.5 Inches Penis Sleeve

6.5 Inches Penis Sleeve as the name suggest it is a 6.5 inches male penis extender with a 2-inch girth, that allows deeper and longer thrusting. The tip is 1.75 inches allowing you to fill her vagina up, with the softness of the material giving her more pleasure.


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6.5 Inches Penis Sleeve adds thickness and length to your penis quickly and cheaply. This penis extender is sculpted with excellent lifelike features, giving you more to work with while playing with a companion. Put your scrotum in the strap and your shaft in the sheath. You’ll have additional length and girth to play with once you’ve attached this extension sleeve. The solid tip alone adds 2 inches to the overall length. This substance is both silicone and water-based lubricant compatible, making it soft and lifelike.


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